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  • Vaff angool
    Vaff angool 23 小时 前

    *I feel ashamed* I didn't know China was so tolerant of gender ambiguity and unconventional appearances. If they're just putting on a show of tolerance, they're hella good actors. All the conventionally attractive idols are so supportive of the others. It's all really moving and I'm having to re-evaluate what I think I know about China.

  • Baba Voss
    Baba Voss 23 小时 前

    Dis reminds me of s1 of pd101 of chungja

  • Thảo Vy Trần
    Thảo Vy Trần 23 小时 前

    Hứa Giai Kỳ Lục Kha Nhiên Lưu Vũ Hân Fighting fighting

  • Angel Espinueva
    Angel Espinueva 23 小时 前

    The 2 short haired girls caught my attention and the center

  • chan maru
    chan maru 23 小时 前

    Brilliant 😍😍😍. I fell in love with you. I've started following you at this moment.

  • Leo PACIS
    Leo PACIS 23 小时 前

    For me, Juicy Zuo slayed this

  • Jar Dreamer
    Jar Dreamer 23 小时 前

    Avenger Team indeed. This season is no joke. Definitely giving us badass dominant woman vibe.

  • Uzumakiなると
    Uzumakiなると 23 小时 前

    Anyone know that song name?

  • News World
    News World 23 小时 前

    Kiki is amazing. Love u

  • LaLisa Lisa
    LaLisa Lisa 23 小时 前

    Best of dance teams

  • Emmach Chyank
    Emmach Chyank 23 小时 前

    Yg di sebelah trending 43, tp kok ini gak ?

  • jianaxi uni
    jianaxi uni 23 小时 前

    OMG I'm gonna cry ❤❤

  • Rap Monister
    Rap Monister 23 小时 前

    Aargghhh look at Babymonster's expression! It's soooooo amazinggggggggg

  • Thảo Vy Trần
    Thảo Vy Trần 23 小时 前

    An Kỳ, Hoàng Tiểu Vân, Kim Tử Hàm fighting fighting

  • Paulfrank' Jane
    Paulfrank' Jane 23 小时 前


  • Jhamie _12
    Jhamie _12 23 小时 前

    Im confused is there boys at youth with you???

  • Itzyugurl tammy
    Itzyugurl tammy 23 小时 前

    I live how the rap mentor was dieing of laughter the whole entire time 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • ESTHER l
    ESTHER l 天 前

    Those basher of Billy what now its her song and This beautiful girl cover it

  • K L
    K L 天 前

    The camerawork is an essential factor that enhances their stages Pds are bringing it too

  • jefonie figuro

    The caption of the video is Highlighting one person which is not okay 🤭

  • polina
    polina 天 前


  • Paulfrank' Jane


  • Filipino Group 4

    Can someone answer me how to vote?

  • Lin一小小琪子

    哎 这歌肯定是歌词不过审 改词重录了吧…看了好多遍 这口型都对不上的程度完全无法用后期声音延迟来说服我自己…原歌词其实真的很帅

  • Chapor Neasey
    Chapor Neasey 天 前

    Cool wow

  • jefonie figuro

    Vicky Wei , wow.👏👏😍

  • Kimora Rush
    Kimora Rush 天 前

    I’ve watched this performance at least fifty times now.

  • Twa Hieme
    Twa Hieme 天 前

    Gosh they're all so pretty unlike other groups ❣

  • linh nguyễn
    linh nguyễn 天 前

    Kiki ❤️❤️❤️

  • kanokploy petchpakdee

    Awesome team work. Not joke for every team.👌🏼

  • Leo PACIS
    Leo PACIS 天 前

    Excuse me Monster Sun why do you have to slay so much???? 😱

  • turtlewarrior
    turtlewarrior 天 前

    Their voices!!! This group gives me goosebumps! They all have a unique voice that work so well together!! Amazing!!

  • Mark Mananap
    Mark Mananap 天 前

    Wow So Smooth

  • Kudos Pogi
    Kudos Pogi 天 前

    Is this the chinese ver of The Eve?

  • christy chan
    christy chan 天 前


  • Limasenla Aier

    Ok ok I found my fav group😍👏

  • รหัส ลับ

    ใครรู้จะกชื่อเพลง แต่ล่ะเพลงที่ลิซ่าเต้นบ้างคะเม้นให้หน่อย

  • kanokploy petchpakdee

    👍So cool

  • Aeri Kyungsoo
    Aeri Kyungsoo 天 前

    Exo song is make the girls really looks moreeee cool & sexy

  • MixSoul.A
    MixSoul.A 天 前

    XuJiaQi makes me gonna die because her beauty :((((

  • Lerma Cab
    Lerma Cab 天 前

    I hope she’ll get to final line up and prove that she deserves it to make the haters shut up. I’m not a fan but it infuriates me when someone is being bullied or looked down to by something so stupid. She’s not a bad person and she’s trying her best to be strong despite the hardships she’s going through. Fellow women should protect and support her not criticize her.

  • Diana L
    Diana L 天 前

    Unpopular opinion: I thought HAMY did the best. She had mad flow and was my favourite rapper in this performance.

  • MHime🌸
    MHime🌸 天 前

    How can nobody has thank the show to be in english ? I remember waited for so long to see episodes sub for all the idol producer and produce 101 ;-; thank you for considerate international fans ! ♡

  • cobain lulu
    cobain lulu 天 前

    I love her

  • Paulfrank' Jane

    Lisa so cute

  • oh youn so
    oh youn so 天 前


  • Azumi masuko
    Azumi masuko 天 前

    Pls I want to look focus. think they are cool😎

  • Karla Z
    Karla Z 天 前

    I need another movie but with jiang cheng and lin jing

  • Paulfrank' Jane

    Lisa so cute very much🥰

  • loire adello
    loire adello 天 前

    Vicky 😍💖

  • DL 4
    DL 4 天 前

    Juicy zuo with those high notes deserves more recognition

  • B h
    B h 天 前


  • Jennie Sweet
    Jennie Sweet 天 前

    I love her so much💜💜💜. Such nice person. Lisa so talented ❤.

  • Cadidja Sumaguina

    It touched my heart how everyone represents the women of today who are diversed. It made me cry🤧

  • Jams
    Jams 天 前

    I thunk that crown is from itzy😅

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan 天 前

    Was anybody else looking for handong??

  • Leo PACIS
    Leo PACIS 天 前

    Why is no one talking about Yennis Huang who snatchedt my weave ugh

  • DatBoi17
    DatBoi17 天 前

    27:50 it's the cool, hot, rich kids in school that nobody fucks with.

  • 윤민
    윤민 天 前

    I LOOVE VICKYYYY TO MUCH👑👑💞💖💞💖💞💖💓💓💖😩

  • cobain lulu
    cobain lulu 天 前

    She is ACE

  • Pichada Ud
    Pichada Ud 天 前


  • Dalales Roca
    Dalales Roca 天 前

    3:45 who's that girl?

  • FernandaFort Rhea

    I'm here just for Handong, and I didn't even saw her. Sad. She needs more recognition.

  • Ruichi UwU
    Ruichi UwU 天 前

    I can’t stop replying it

  • chiiinnn
    chiiinnn 天 前

    PLEASE UPLOAD THE PERFORMANCES EARLY. Other channels snatched those views and it's not even worth it cause even when I watch theirs 1080, it was still blurry. We deserve the HQ asap and you iQIYI, the damn views.

  • Ji jou
    Ji jou 天 前

    Song ?

  • welmen gaitano

    Honestly, I’ve never seen more attractive girls in my life.. and I’m a girl....

  • Paulfrank' Jane

    Lisa so cute

  • Juvel Ann Dupio

    Those girls reaction is literally me when I saw some amazing performance.😂

  • Jhien Val78
    Jhien Val78 天 前

    Saranghae girls....from here in the Philippines..😘😘😘

  • Imimar Lupdag
    Imimar Lupdag 天 前

    This girl is so talkative and irritating

  • DL 4
    DL 4 天 前

    The 3 dance groups were amazing, and maybe the other 2 groups had a stronger or flashier choreography but the reason i like this group better is that this is the only one that i felt was dancing amazingly and also actually performing the song. The other 2 were really great but i felt they gave us only choreography and not the actual performance of the song.

  • Alexa Fer
    Alexa Fer 天 前

    The girls did a marvelous job and made the song/choreo their own.

  • แฮปปี้ เมโลดี้


  • 전이만갑오개혁

    위에화가 유명한가보네 우리나라에서는 별로인데ㅋㅋㅋ쿤 저사람 상냥하네ㅜㅜ리사야ㅠㅠ

  • DatBoi17
    DatBoi17 天 前

    25:20 is know one gonna talk about how she said mail me tang ka😭👀 that is the first thing I'd say if I met lisa😂

  • Nidha Kim
    Nidha Kim 天 前

    How about international fans? Where did we can download for next eps? Help me juseyooo

  • 思嘉
    思嘉 天 前

    3:07 安崎solo


    Kim JunMyeon Kim JongDae Kim Jongin Kim Minseok Park Chanyeol Byun Baekhyun Oh Sehun Do Kyungsoo Huang Zitao Luhan Zhang Yixing Wu YiFan EXO

    MINNIE - YOOA 天 前

    the center grl the way she dance and face expression is look like Everglow- MIA. ☺️

    • Gigi Wa
      Gigi Wa 天 前

      MINNIE - YOOA me too i like forever

  • sarah warinth
    sarah warinth 天 前

    Wow.... Good 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Alain Molina
    Alain Molina 天 前

    Performancr so good i coulf remember each of the girls' faces

  • Alessandra Borges

    Eu agradeço tanto por a Lisa poder mostrar um pouco mais de seu potencial nesse programa, se eles tivessem tempo, acho que eles deixariam ela falar mais em chinês com as trainees. De todo jeito muito obrigada, ao espaço que estão para a Lisa ♥

  • Kimberly GDlver

    The girl can dance . I'm a straight girl but damn she's sexy..

  • Spiriteddrlwl Entertainment

    Okay i Stan

  • itstheena
    itstheena 天 前

    Wow! They performed so well!

  • Joey AP
    Joey AP 天 前


  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 天 前

    Omg!! Kiki xu and xu liu is so cool and pretty at the same time😍❤️

  • Sunny Hidalgo
    Sunny Hidalgo 天 前

    The second girl who appeared lowkey looked like joy from red velvet

  • Toàn Phúc Nguyễn

    In my opinion, I dont like this performance. Firstly, they used the record instead of singing live. Secondly, the reaction of other trainees is very over...

  • Avi ano
    Avi ano 天 前

    Juicy Yuo hightnote, wowwww 💜

  • LePau
    LePau 天 前

    Did they change the name of Produce?

  • Ana lampertius

    *Hugs* *Gay panic* *Me laughing*

  • Jana Tapia
    Jana Tapia 天 前

    I like the chinese version than korean. The beat for the Chinese version is on point. Hahaha whyyyy.

  • Oh My Baby
    Oh My Baby 天 前

    I love this group

  • Saijit Lienfuk

    Xin Liu really look cool

  • zyyyz
    zyyyz 天 前

    can you please change the title, it's so obvious that you're bias!

  • Narizmae Corbo

    Gia is so hardworking love you

  • Ryna Dewi
    Ryna Dewi 天 前

    EXO song❤

  • Allie_forLIFE
    Allie_forLIFE 天 前

    yealy Wang looks like joy from red velvet