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    cnclip.top/shi-pin/fn-PnKrPnJOBqbU/shi-pin.html 中共有可能以印制假幣美元手段,來重擊美元的世界霸主地位,以及組織搶空世界外國必需品物資來展開超限戰,請多為留意, 謝謝!

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  • YongYi Chen
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    中共不是完善自己 而是玩完自己!

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    God bless America! Hope that Trump will win and defeat CCP!

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    西醫快篩無效,不只中國造美製德製日製都是詐騙!!! 特效藥只有中藥!西醫疫苗特效藥只會擴大疫情人早死!!! 現在的病毒不怕高溫!因為病毒已經與愛茲病毒合體,也就是血液病毒,用血液透析也無法析出2種病毒的疫苗!!!更嚴重的從特效藥傳染疫毒給使用特效藥疫苗的人!!!

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    開視像會議咪得囉! 淋病咩年代㗎?!?🤣🤣🤣

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    哂氣! 柒婆死剩把口,講就天下無敵,做就有心無力! 佢夠果斷就應該一死以謝香港市民,咁問題就解決咗一半啦!🤣🤣🤣

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    死黑警死仆* 仲衰過日本仔呀仆* 好似五六十年代嘅雷洛 收黑錢唔比打爆你個頭 英殖時代 差人 攞支棍打人 報告都有排寫 而家嘅死黑警打死人強姦人殺人唔使寫報告 死林鄭正仆*縱壞曬啲狗

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  • 石无名
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    Some clue indicate the corona-virus pandemic is a virus war started by CCP: 1, So for no #0 patient 2, At beginning the CCP covered up the exist of the virus and even detained some whistle blowers. 3, they reported to WHO one month late from first case occurred. 4,After WHO report they organized a special party in there ten thousand people eat together and give free travel ticket to citizen. They make the virus spread max out inside Wuhan. 5,When everything ready they pronounced Wuhan will close soon, this make panicked and infected people get out Wuhan faster. 6,They work with WHO together do one’s utmost to against any country to close their customs to Chinese and condemned some countries did so. 7,Every day they reported a same rate of new case and death in Wuhan and arrest any one who try to take picture in hospital. 8, They refused any international medical team to support Wuhan. 9, CCP born in to defeat western civilization and today they are ready.

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    失敗乃成功之母, 所以要不斷完善講大話嘅技巧!

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    天滅賤"娥"!!! 拯救香江!!!

  • 猫meme
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    問林鄭,不如問中共! 你們蠢還是裝不知道!

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  • Chak Gay Lau
    Chak Gay Lau 4 小时 前

    Support 游清源! 01-04-2020 鄭敬基 has CNclip live at 22:30, lets support artist with similar political view!

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      ho ho ho game over stuff ho ho ho

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  • Fiona Ching
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    嚴重不舒服,那些人渣三天都不理,當然就是它們害死的,而且之前已經害死了很多人 ! ! ! 還好意思年年歡樂滿東華問人拿錢,給它們也變成害人的幫兇 ! ! !造業 ! ! !是做壞事,而不是善事 ! ! ! 害死人罪惡滔天,何況還是所謂的醫院害死的,還是所謂有做善事的光環的,還敢年年湊款搞什麼歡樂滿東華的東華東幹的“好事”,這不也太諷刺了吧! ! ! ???

  • Fiona Ching
    Fiona Ching 4 小时 前

    嚴重不舒服,那些人渣三天都不理,當然就是它們害死的,而且之前已經害死了很多人 ! ! ! 還好意思年年歡樂滿東華問人拿錢,給它們也變成害人的幫兇 ! ! !造業 ! ! !是做壞事,而不是善事 ! ! ! 害死人罪惡滔天,何況還是所謂的醫院害死的,還是所謂有做善事的光環的,還敢年年湊款搞什麼歡樂滿東華的東華東幹的“好事”,這不也太諷刺了吧! ! ! ???

  • Fiona Ching
    Fiona Ching 4 小时 前

    When I went to Pamela Youde hospital to claim my mother's body, I could not help shouting to let more people know Tung Wah killed my mother indirectly. As a result I found another victim of Tung Wah hospital whose mother lost one of her legs due to mistake of Tung Wah people. He also said none of those working at Tung Wah hospital are friendly, and if you dare to complain, they will drive you away !!! He and his sisters intend to apply for legal aid to sueTung Wah hospital !!! There were at least 6 or 7 security guards wearing hospital authority uniform trying to push me very hard. They were violent and called the police. When I started taking pictures, one atrocious guard immediately said tell the police to delete all the pictures !!! Three policemen from Chaiwan police station forced me to see the doctor at Pamela Youde hospital although it was my mother's funeral on July 30, 2018 !!! I had no idea how much money they took from my wallet, I heard the consultation fee is HK$180 !!! They were taking orders from the horrible bunch of so-called security guards head !!! To my shocking surprise I ended up in the mental hospital !!! The real lunatic workers were so violent my handbag strap was pulled apart right away !!! Both my hands and feet were tightly bound and my brother was not allowed to talk to me when he arrived at the hospital until he told them he had already reported to the police (when he phoned the police, they said they did not know what's going on and suggest him to contact the police in the hospital !!!) and would tell the media I have been illegally imprisoned before they finally let him see me !!! When I asked my brother to take pictures of me, one guy immediately came into the small room to threaten I will be sued if the pictures are leaked out !!! I was not even allowed to go to the toilet and the men and women in the the lunatic hospital were even more rough and tough than the fierce security guards !!! They intended to leave me alone in a small room and just ignored me, even could not care less I was going to miss my mother's funeral !!! I was treated 100% like a lunatic !!! My right arm has bruise marks and both arms are painful due the violant behaviour of the security guards, the policemen and the men and women from lunatic hospital !!! This is extremely barbaric and is actually illegal imprisonment !!! Hong Kong is indeed like hell these days !!! *********** MY POOR MOTHER WAS INDIRECTLY MURDERED BY TUNG WAH HOSPITAL IN CAUSEWAY BAY !!! We have SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals, I strongly suggest to set up SPCH - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Human Beings !!! I told 張傑樺 of Food and Hygiene Bureau 食卫局 that I would like to talk to 陈肇始 since she is a nurse herself. I think it is important she is aware there are such "nurses" in Tung Wah that kill patients !!!

  • Fiona Ching
    Fiona Ching 4 小时 前


  • Fiona Ching
    Fiona Ching 4 小时 前


  • Fiona Ching
    Fiona Ching 4 小时 前

    A male police by the name of Cheng (No. 24109 Tel : 6101 0076, 9687 6150) asked me to go to Pamela Youde hospital at 9 am on June 14 to claim my mother's body. When I met police Cheng I said I could not find my mother's identity card in my bag. He took me to the mortuary and asked me to search my bag again for my mother's ID, I said her ID was not with me but since I was at the mortuary already, I would like to know about the procedures. The mortuary staff was about to start telling me but police Cheng took him to a side and mumbled something. When the staff came back he asked me to go home for my mother's ID before talking to me. I said I would like to know the procedures first but he said without ID he could tell me nothing. The police gave me a piece of paper and asked me to read myself. I said I still could not understand after reading. Since they would do nothing I left and went back to 4th floor asking why those doctors and nurses made such an effort to save my mother but sent her to Tung Wah to be murdered !!! Meantime I kept receiving calls from Happy Valley police station asking me to claim my mother's body !!! A female police Hui (No. 8871 Tel : 3660 1854) even threatened more than once if I do not listen to them, my mother will be regarded as having no relative, sent to a public mortuary, conduct an anatomy, cremated, and her ashes will be used to fertilize plants. I have already complained to Hospital Authority, Food and Hygiene Bureau, Pamela Youde Hospital, Tung Wah so-called hospital !!! I told Andy Lam who is in charge of Pamela Youde mortuary that NO ONE can touch my mother‘s body without permission from me and he verbally promised me ! When female police Hui (No. 8871) threatened again yesterday, I immediately called Happy Valley police station and asked to talk to the person in charge Chow (周 Sir) but the duty police (郭警长) refused to answer my request, instead he said I must comply to their demand and they simply could not care less if I complain. I called Andy Lam asking why they force Happy Valley police to force me, he said he did not. He only asked them to go and meet the pathologist with me, I said the Happy Valley gangsters mention no word of meeting the pathologist but keep threatening me to claim my mother's body instead !!! I finally got through to police headquarters complaints section (警察總部投訴科 黄美怡 No. 56082 Tel :2866 7700) who promised to let me have a case no. today !!! Happy Valley police station : 3661 1610 3660 1800 person in charge 周 Sir - Male police Cheng No. 24109 Tel : 6101 0076 9687 6150 - Female police Hui No. 8871 Tel : 3660 1854 - Male police Leung 杰聪 No. 24109 - Male police Leung No. 20368 - Male police Law No. 58454 - Duty police Kwok 郭警长 警察总部投诉科 黄美怡 No. 56082 Tel :2866 7700 3661 1755 3661 1751 3661 1750

  • Christine Tobias
    Christine Tobias 4 小时 前

    我喺德國睇,有廣告吖。852郵報團隊加油 💪

  • Fiona Ching
    Fiona Ching 4 小时 前

    Formal complaint against Tung Wah hospital F2 ward and Happy Valley police June 26, 2018 It is purely due to negligence on the part of the Tung Wah hospital that my mother was indirectly murdered by Tung Wah hospital F2 ward !!! My mother had been feeling unwell for 3 days and on Saturday night - June 9, 2018 she was really in bad shape !!! According to my brother, my mother had problem breathing on Thursday, June 7. When I saw my mother evening of June 8, she did not look good and her mouth was watering a bit, she was given a square lump of rice which she said she could not eat, but one woman talked like as if she was in the market and said the language therapist prescribed she could only eat this !!! We had to cook our own food or buy something she could eat !!! After insisting, she finally gave her a bowl of oatmeal but came back a few minutes later saying this is forbidden and wanted to take back the bowl of oatmeal !!! After such unnecessary harrassment my poor mother simply could not have any appetite any more !!! When the time for visiting expired, I went to the counter and asked to see Dr Cheng. The nurse who spent almost an hour demanding me to leave the F2 ward about a week ago said I must state reason for seeing the doctor. I told her Dr. Cheng made appointment to want to see me but she did not turn up, since my mother's conditions were bad, I wanted to follow up with her. The nurse repeated three times if necessary, the doctor would contact me. I reinterated Dr. Cheng made appointment but she did not turn up and since my mother was not feeling well, I would like to contact her and talk to her. At last the nasty nurse said she would make a note !!! When I stepped into the room on Saturday, June 9, I was shocked to see my mother's seating posture although I could not see her face - the impression I got was she was in bad shape. When I walked close to her bed, I felt extremely sad because she did not seem to have any energy, her bibs were dirty but she could not eat or drink at all !!! I noticed her already very thin face shrunk even further, it looked as if her skin was stuck to her bones only, the little flesh on her face seemed to have disappeared compared with the day before, her forehead was wrinkled in pain, she could not sit still and was shifting from left to right feeling very uncomfortable !!! I could not help bursting into tears and went to the counter, I repeatedly told the nurses in tears and asked to see the doctor, three of them sat close together and were doing nothing but just chatting. Without even checking, they still said nothing was wrong and my mother was better off than many others in the room. They said a lot of patients could not even eat by themselves but my mother could sit and eat by herself !!! Meantime my youngest brother came and I pointed out to him the symtoms I noticed on my mother's face. After coming back from the washroom, the three of them disappeared already and later my brother told me one nurse drove them away simply because she said they were causing inconvenience by standing round my mother, although visiting time had not expired !!! F2 ward is the only room with 2 hours, while the normal visit hours are 3 for all other wards !!! Around 8:30pm I asked to stay a bit longer and was "granted" another half an hour !!! I could not sleep the whole night because I was so worried and at around 5:30am on June 10 I called my mother's mobile and there was no answer !!! At 5:42am a woman from Tung Wah called asking us to rush to the hospital as my mother's heart beat was dropping !!! When I arrived at Tung Wah F2 ward my mother was indirectly murdered already !!! None of us could see my mother off !!! I was furious and demanded a thorough investigation !!! After my mother was taken away from F2 ward I went back to ask for an appointment to see the doctor, it is unbelievable that the nurse sitting at the counter replied in a very cold and indiffernt tone even after my mother was indirectly murdered by them !!! I was informed later the appointment with Dr. Cheng was at 1pm on June 11 at F2 ward ! There was a female head of nurse by surname Chan with Dr. Cheng. Dr. Cheng said she was surprised to hear my mother gone because my mother was supposed to have recovered and should leave that place a few days later !!! When Dr. Cheng started talking about the medical issues I immediately interrupted by telling her my observations during the last couple of days and it is ONLY common sense that my mother was obviously and definitely indirectly murdered due to pure negligence for three days !!! When asked when they discovered my mother was in danger, Dr. Cheng said around 12:30 am on June 10, and someone called us around 1:00 am "according to the report" she had on hand. We told Dr. Cheng none of us received any call from F2 ward !!! The first call was 5:42am ! When asked exactly when my mother had her last breath, Dr. Cheng said around 6:40 am, but my second brother immediately said he rushed to F2 ward in a taxi and arrived prior to that time but my mother was already gone !!! I cannot believe such important and crucial points in the "report" Dr. Cheng was reading can be WRONG !!! What else in the so-called "report" can we take seriously !!! I said the deepest impression from Tung Wah is the nurses would not stop asking you to leave when visiting time is up. I think it is imperative to complain about that particular nurse who spent almost an hour trying to get rid of me and even when my mother pleaded in her meek voice this sturdy nurse said NO !!! The same nurse also interrogated me for almost half an hour when I requested to see Dr. Cheng evening of June 8 !!! I said if they could utilize that time to take care of patients, my mother should still be alive !!! The female head of nurse Chan appeared to be understanding and sympathetic and I was asked to fill out a form and they said they would proceed with the case further ! I called F2 ward on June 13 enquiring and nurse Chan said they have completed all necessary steps, without even uttering one extra word !!! When I called again there was absolutely no one answering the phone !!!

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  • YoMo's Life/ 有毛的日子


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    Liar, liar, pants and skirts on fire................The Emperor with new clothes on.............."Lemon tree, very pretty and the flower is sweet......But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat"..............la la la la la...............The Emperor 's clothes is very pretty, but the Emperor is impossible to bear.

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    多謝游生 我又學到野

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    Thanks to Mr. Yau for your distinct points of view, please keep it up. All hker people must be positive, calm, confident and energetic as water to fight the dictatorship of xi.

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    • peace hope
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      ho finished all stuff, wasted, rubbish hongkonger save ourselves

    • peace hope
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      rubbish stuff, wasted hong kong money

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      ho ho ho completely finished rubbish wasted hk money hongkonger save by ourselves

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    I have to say once again that this calcified station is not worth to survive

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    I’m appreciate of your honesty comment.

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    香港人 需要 編輯自主哟香港電台

  • 張偉坤
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  • CY ho
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    游清源的腦有2個 parts, "LEFT" and "RIGHT", In the left side, there's nothing right. In the right side, there's nothing left.

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    持平不一定是一半一半, 全港大部份人都不滿林鄭, 不滿政府,不滿警方, 咁就要持平如實反影市民意見,反影社會真相⋯這就叫持平

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  • Cat is too cute
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  • 心直口快
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    疫情未完大家好好愛護自己,慢慢一定會好啲 加油!

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