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Anatomy of Hate | TIME
意见 3.5K个月 前


  • 819pab
    819pab 15 小时 前


  • عالم ريحانة the world of rihana

    Stay strong stay safe stay home if you don't have to go out.. God bless you

  • John Krowka
    John Krowka 15 小时 前

    “Now you may be asking yourself, ‘How much damage can he really do in the several months until the election?’ A lot, a lot of damage.” - Congressman Adam Schiff

  • priyanka bhatt
    priyanka bhatt 15 小时 前

    I hate the way he was holding puppy do he think it is a toy or anything which can be carried any way... u lost respect

  • SGU
    SGU 15 小时 前

    Finally the pup was rescued by Putin!!!

  • Johan Ferla
    Johan Ferla 15 小时 前

    I tought he was tired of experts. Useless hot air blower.

  • Cheryl Benthall
    Cheryl Benthall 15 小时 前

    Hey liberal media and Democrats we are at war with an invisible enemy and the USS America is heading into battle the last thing we need is like 35% of the people on this Battleship screaming you're doing this wrong I guarantee if this was a warship heading into war there is nobody screaming at the captain that he's doing it wrong everybody stands up and does their job because everybody on the ship needs to pull together so this Battleship can come home Victorious

  • Sandeep reddy Admala
    Sandeep reddy Admala 15 小时 前

    I'm always afraid of Muslim I donno why? When I see group of Muslims I really feel insecure .i always maintain a distance with them .I have visited old city hyderabad oh my god .I won't visit in the future

  • ava don
    ava don 16 小时 前

    0:06 example of people not knowing how to hold a dog

  • Mahesh Pal
    Mahesh Pal 16 小时 前

    The police should Lynch these bastardes ,trator of this country

  • Badajied Myrthong Badajied Myrthong

    Good job police

  • Alex
    Alex 16 小时 前

    Last updated: March 29, 2020, 11:18 GMT United States Coronavirus Cases: 123,781 Deaths:

  • Alex
    Alex 16 小时 前

    Last updated: March 29, 2020, 11:18 GMT United States Coronavirus Cases: 123,781 Deaths:

    VAMIRACING 16 小时 前

    corona is disclosing what is wrong in the country

  • David
    David 16 小时 前

    Truly heartbreaking... On a lighter note the girl at 2:08 is damn fine

  • vridhi bhutani
    vridhi bhutani 16 小时 前

    Why the f did he hold the pup like that?!

    RAMAN ARYA 16 小时 前

    लेडीज पुलिस होती तो इन मुल्लियों को भी कूटती

  • Lucky Lana
    Lucky Lana 16 小时 前

    "America is the greatest country in the world." -How?

  • Na-man
    Na-man 16 小时 前

    You can see the discomfort on Putin's face when that idiot held the puppy from it's neck. Good man

  • magicvibes79
    magicvibes79 16 小时 前

    I hope you take down the deep state and free the whole world and not only the USA🙏❤

  • A Singh
    A Singh 16 小时 前

    Randi salli .chu******kd.

  • Ahadur Rahman Alif
    Ahadur Rahman Alif 17 小时 前

    Well, people would call it Putin's dog. But in reality, it's OUR dog.

  • Ahadur Rahman Alif
    Ahadur Rahman Alif 17 小时 前

    0:06 Man holding the puppy: Ah, look what a fresh delicacy we have here to cook.

    NENET PUBILL 17 小时 前


    NENET PUBILL 17 小时 前



    Nuclear overlord's heart melts over a puppy.

  • Revathi 15
    Revathi 15 17 小时 前

    No words... For these legends.....

    NENET PUBILL 17 小时 前

    I say that if a war came, the old men and the children would not stay at home with their mothers, and only the young would go to defend the Nation. Now we must do the same, the most vulnerable stay at home and the others work around the world for if they didn't steal from us even the underpants the banks and the taxes of public organisms will be worse than the virus the world nobody can stop it there is not the world not even a 1% MORTALITY IS A SHAME PUTTING PANIC DO NOT SEE THE NEWS DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR GAME OF FEAR THE LAST YEAR 625,000 DIED FOR THE INFLUENZA AND NOBODY WAS ALERT IF THEY LOOK FOR CANCER THE SAME THING FOR OTHER DISEASES THE SAME SPAIN ONLY KNOWS HOW TO MANUFACTURE THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF A SOCIAL AND ORIGINAL CRISIS. YOU HAVE REMOVED THE BEST NOTES FROM ZOO

  • Andy Morris
    Andy Morris 17 小时 前

    That sweet little pup lookin’ for a place to PEE😂😂😂😂

    NENET PUBILL 17 小时 前

    even the underpants the banks and the taxes of public organisms will be worse than the virus the world nobody can stop it there is not the world not even a 1% MORTALITY IS A SHAME PUTTING PANIC DO NOT SEE THE NEWS DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR GAME OF FEAR THE

  • eduardo pinheiro
    eduardo pinheiro 17 小时 前

    Drop the fucking knife

  • Gurpreet Bhasin
    Gurpreet Bhasin 17 小时 前

    India police hy ye kisi ko nhi chod ti 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma 17 小时 前

    Love you Putin for you being pet lover...

    PRATAP MANDAL 17 小时 前

    They are alive

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 小时 前

    This man is feeding his Republican followers crap and they beg him for more! Amazing!

  • Paul Pat Loyal
    Paul Pat Loyal 17 小时 前

    I started shooting rifles at the age of 5, and have shot many mammals to subsist. I have seen close up of seals being shot, and every shot at first impact lets pressure from the bullet spurt out towards the shooter. No one will ever convince me, otherwise, that Kennedy was shot from the right and front. I have discussed it with other expert shooters that it was so!

  • Sauk Raya
    Sauk Raya 17 小时 前

    No need to panic with President Doctor Trump in control. www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-no-need-to-panic-with-president-doctor-trump-in-control/

  • Angela Reyes
    Angela Reyes 17 小时 前

    poor puppy

  • Tai Butler
    Tai Butler 17 小时 前

    I’ve never seen someone pick a dog up like that

  • Fan Nafees Gujjar Umair Gujjar

    Lanta ho in par

  • arunshan T
    arunshan T 18 小时 前

    Imagine those mental strength n compare nowadays, life is about taking risk in Daily basis, that’s how the world has been even during Stone-age men always risked their life’s for daily meals unfortunately, now we are thrown in a comfort zone.

  • Logan
    Logan 18 小时 前

    decades from now...i wonder what they'll think

    JUNIOR J 18 小时 前

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  • Devil's Food
    Devil's Food 18 小时 前

    Yum. Tasty. 🤘😎🤘

  • Andres E. Gomez M.
    Andres E. Gomez M. 18 小时 前

    That pup probably has more power than the vice president of Russia

  • Jai hind hindustan
    Jai hind hindustan 18 小时 前

    Ye mulli randiyo ko dekha he police ho ya Bhart desh in ko bura dikhne ke liye ye randiya bich road pe nangi bhi jo jati he

  • Stuart Butler
    Stuart Butler 18 小时 前

    Americas ONLY hope is that Trump dies of Covid19 or a COUP

  • Purva Bhagwat
    Purva Bhagwat 18 小时 前

    The way guy took out the puppy from basket..😑😑

  • C Barber
    C Barber 18 小时 前

    It's called ccp virus

  • Privateman Keith
    Privateman Keith 18 小时 前

    He's a fat little prick that should be exterminated!!!⛏️

  • John Engelsman
    John Engelsman 19 小时 前

    Trump why bash the governors how old are you

  • Creonegy
    Creonegy 19 小时 前

    Sadly that’s how the world works. People choosing Greta over others who sacrifice themselves to fix the worlds problems.

  • Jens Kapmeyer
    Jens Kapmeyer 19 小时 前

    Self praising that sounds like out of the era of deepest communism dictatorship in certain states, at the same time saying nothing substantial at all.

  • I'm wondering
    I'm wondering 19 小时 前

    2.2 trillion? Funny that. At 20.19$ an hour. I could not cough up 2.2 trillion never. Compounded my grown child's earning's twice mine, The two of us could not pay off 2.2 trillion in our life times. Compiling my 4 grandbabies lives, showing promise to be earners, still, could not pay off 2.2 trillion dollars. Here is my proposal to make this whole thing reasonable. Cite the entire billing, divided by 50. Equaling the whole 50 states. The entire 50 states pulling in taxes, while sleeping at the wheel to take measures against this disease. The same 50 states who has a FIMA CAMP one in their borders. MEANING?! THEY HAVE BEEN DULY EXERCISED TO EVERY CATASTROPHIC SCENARIO THAT COULD COME THEIR WAY> HENCE, THE COFFINS.

  • Vangogh 8
    Vangogh 8 19 小时 前

    There’s no evidence showing you burn more fat on an empty stomach. So long story short do what makes you feel most comfortable :)

    CHINESE KUNG FLU 19 小时 前


  • Arjun Navale
    Arjun Navale 19 小时 前

    Good job indian police..

  • I'm wondering
    I'm wondering 19 小时 前

    Anyone interested in pulling up the early State players, that kicked this whole business off in the first place? Do you know how helpless a citizen feels when they hear that some folks on a cruise liner just wants to come home? Because they are sick with the Corona Virus. And the whole of your being is screaming "NO! DUDE, stay where you are!" The number one hero that should be handed a medal from the country, should be the doctor who aboard the Grand Princess. Who opted to stay on board until cleared well. The bugger award given by this country, once the dust settles, should go to New Orleans.Mardi Gras, 1.5 million travelers. (Like New Orleans, did not have a good run before Katrina, should have been declared on their own, knowing that a hurricane would end their days, and did) And should be done. Anyone wanting further chat on this situation, I'm willing. New Orleans proving selfish to the bone, is most likely responsible for disease spread in the south. MAN! Tax payer dollars well spent? So. Let me get this whole business straight concerning THE INDEPENDENT 50 UNITED STATES, within America. All of whom, despite collecting state revenue, ..... the whole of the bunch, voted in folks that can't do on their own. Can't form a plan, for a simple disease. The very same who's descendent's weathered the Spanish flu, the Tuberculosis epidemic, The Polio epidemic AMERICA IS BEING OUSTED AS BEING STUPID AND WEAK. And the real truth, that the true grit of who we are is not getting air time. That we have have BEEN there, bedside. The influenza, the Noro virus, the disease killing you present, so you don't die alone. Because we are all gifted to be mortal. AMERICA! WE ARE STRONG! WARRANTED WARRIORS... because, we have had to fight for every inch of ground we stand on.

  • ElloBoppit
    ElloBoppit 19 小时 前

    The actual scientist/doctors had no time to speak.

  • John Rossell
    John Rossell 19 小时 前

    America ain't being run by Americans that's for sure

  • Swine Stein
    Swine Stein 19 小时 前

    Man. I used to laugh at them dudes being weird and shit. Guess i was the weird one.

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball 19 小时 前

    Imma stop idealizing these people. What a joke

  • Re2pect 2
    Re2pect 2 19 小时 前

    I feel as if I hear trumpets or loud orchestra music and it keeps getting louder and louder until finally there is constant banging, like a helmet hitting a locker and then I wake up, scary

  • Kangkan Baruah
    Kangkan Baruah 19 小时 前

    Maro motherchud ko

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 20 小时 前

    It's dirty Donald's Trump train wreck show

    FUNNY FUNKAR 20 小时 前

    Aur maro harami yo ko

  • Ryker Brown
    Ryker Brown 20 小时 前

    Trust in god

  • Gajaraj Singh
    Gajaraj Singh 20 小时 前

    Good job

  • Rajendra Kumar
    Rajendra Kumar 20 小时 前

    Police jindabad

  • so good
    so good 20 小时 前

    Feminism destroys relations, romance, peace and men's life.

  • Jeon Yeeryoung
    Jeon Yeeryoung 20 小时 前

    It will fall Arab people are nice but not islam people.

  • Ravi Kant
    Ravi Kant 20 小时 前

    Good that the cops smashed them...

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 20 小时 前

    Democracy ain't built for everybody

  • The Aviator
    The Aviator 20 小时 前

    I have read the book, but If history serves me correctly, Russia had to spend an enormous amount of time and resources rebuilding their country after the second world war. At that time, the Russians did not have the atomic bomb, did not have an aircraft that could fly nonstop from Moscow to New York, but the Men in Black expect for us to believe the Soviets could build a craft and fly it from Russia to New Mexico USA on autopilot without refueling with little deformed children as occupants. That is a bit far fetched for me .

  • vijaya sankar
    vijaya sankar 20 小时 前

    Please avoid violence

  • Crystal Ramirez
    Crystal Ramirez 20 小时 前

    *ummmm too late now...*

  • Don Camaleon
    Don Camaleon 20 小时 前

    There are cases of COVID19 that the experts cannot figure out how the person was infected.....I believe it is common sense to figure it was imported from some goods manufactured in China, sent to the U.S., opened by the now infected person.

  • Ashish Shaw
    Ashish Shaw 20 小时 前

    This is a planned attack by China... 1st spread virus, make a country weaker, sell Chinese products to them, threat them, loan them, capture their economy n takeover their country.

  • 黑傑克
    黑傑克 21 小时 前

    This person cannot be trusted because he speaks only for China

  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez 21 小时 前

    Brie is the best

  • Christine Schweizer
    Christine Schweizer 21 小时 前


  • Stephanie Leclair
    Stephanie Leclair 21 小时 前

    He is like a toddler! This is our fn president n we are all screwed

  • Jan Day
    Jan Day 21 小时 前

    Typical. Women mouth of. Guy tries to restore peace. He gets fuckrd. Women get to feel morally superior

  • 🇮🇳 I support CAA, NPR & NRC

    These bitches should be beaten by female constable

  • andrea:}
    andrea:} 21 小时 前


  • Eleanor Fischer
    Eleanor Fischer 21 小时 前

    Why the hell would the first guy hold that puppy like that?? I don’t care who you are you don’t treat animals like that. I’m kinda glad Putin stepped in and took the puppy.

  • Chris
    Chris 22 小时 前

    Ahh yes, back when people knew what gender they were, when men didn't wear man buns, when marriages were actually holy....

  • Brandon OMalley
    Brandon OMalley 22 小时 前


  • armando rocha
    armando rocha 22 小时 前

    F*#$ this guy, government cover ups.. I don't understand why the cover ups, we deserve to know the truth!!

  • Brandon OMalley
    Brandon OMalley 22 小时 前


  • adil kanouni
    adil kanouni 22 小时 前

    Title. Can it stay.?? Answer i get. How much long.or how long...? It may or may not. Have a great night. Me:f*ck off you and your expertise and experts circle combine. All go and f*** each other and those who listen to your bull sh*t Get paid for nothing.

  • Edía Paff
    Edía Paff 22 小时 前

    never heard

  • FX Panther
    FX Panther 22 小时 前

    www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-52064427 With New kit cost of 17 USD able to test 100 persons , the govts will be able to provide free and 100% quick confirmed tests for Free in Hospitals. We must be quick in this for our people, for humanity all over world as well as to fail Chinese plan to take over economy of the whole world.

  • Lector Apia Antica
    Lector Apia Antica 22 小时 前

    Trump is doing perfect. The leftist Chinalized press such as CNN,MSNBC,ABC are only seeking how to destroy America. Chinese Communist party , American Democrats and leftist press are behaving like a evil zombies against the righteous POTUS.

  • Tommy Weaver
    Tommy Weaver 22 小时 前

    ITS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME!!!!! WTF PEOPLE!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Charlie Gist
    Charlie Gist 22 小时 前

    Donald Trump bird 🐦 is watching

  • SingleEdge Sword
    SingleEdge Sword 22 小时 前

    Who let you not to reject CCP and embrace Huawei! You got what you deserve !

  • Tuoi Bui
    Tuoi Bui 22 小时 前

    1:27:57 Ma’am, stay at home if you’re sick. It’s easy to say in California we can’t stay at home if we are sick because our managers said we need a doctor’s note.

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 22 小时 前


  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 22 小时 前

    corona virus pandemic noo plandemic m.cnclip.top/shi-pin/k1-Bptm7ndxtqMc/shi-pin.html